Underwater Criminal
Investigation and Recovery
Services, L.L.C.
Have that sinking feeling?  We can help.


Our company’s primary focus is commercial diving, marine salvage, recovery services and underwater repairs. 

We offer recovery and underwater services that can range from recovering lost jewelry to sunken vehicles, boats, dock repairs and marinas repairs and much more. We have underwater cutting torches for cutting steel cables and for salvage work.

We have over 100,000lbs of commercial lift bags to safely recover even largest items.

Our divers are experienced in the use of commercial lift bags and will recover all items with the least amount of damage.

24 Hour a Day Emergency Services & Response
Fully Insured

Our personnel are able to perform in warm and cold water, work in zero visibility, and river conditions.

We offer
* Sunken boat recovery
* Sunken vehicle recovery
*Water Intake Cleaning

* Marine salvage
* Underwater Inspection & Survey

*Propeller Inspection

*Inspection & Recoveries

*Video Inspection

* Underwater salvage

*Hull cleaning

* Underwater repairs and cutting
* Dock and Marina repairs
* Underwater tree stump removal

* Underwater Forensic techniques

* Underwater death investigations

*Underwater Cutting

* Underwater services to Tugboats and Barge Lines

We can remove debris that is entangled in you gear, prop, etc.

*Search & Recovery

*Evidence Collection

*Underwater Cement

* Cleanning of water intakes





We are often called upon by marina owners, boat owners, and insurance companies to perform dock and vessel salvage operations after fires or severe weather at marinas.

Underwater Metal Detection


Pulse 10 Boat towed Metal detector


The DV-1 dropped video system provides  for underwater search and inspection operations. The system is deployed over the side of the vessel and lowered to the bottom. Targets can be verified and recorded without incurring time consuming check out dives. The camera is capable of both downward and side viewing

We have the back ground and experience to do the job right.


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       We are fully insured.


We accept all Major Credit Cards.

 Our crew with years of experience. 

 Have that sinking feeling?  We can help

Office : 618-634-2434

Karnak, Illinois 62956

Just North of Metropolis, IL.

E-mail: deanh@underwatercriminalrecovery.com

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